CD "Disturbance"

For those, progheads, that say the real 70's progressive spirit is dead and still stick to their 70's heroes while refusing to accept there are great prog bands in present times, just waiting to be discovered, here is a real and finished example on how wrong they are.
Versus X is, in my opinion, one of the finest acts coming from Germany. They play a fully symphonic and classically oriented prog, mainly based in the 70's leanings and colorful structures.
Though they sound somehow reminiscent of that era, there is no really cloning or copying here, as versus X have created a very unique and filled sound. The tracks are long and mainly instrumental, though the vocals are handled with confidence, unaccented and in a very capable way.
The 3 long songs are inhabited with fantastic instrumental parts, where the members fully explore their true abilities of creating lush compositions in the most loved progressive tradition.
I am sure that if Disturbance had been released in the 70's, it would be a much more appreciated album than now. The reasons are not that clear, for this is a great album even now, but maybe this is the sort of releases that will take time to become noticed and credited for their brilliance.
All the band members are given space to shine in soloing units that complement and enrich the songs. But the true achievement here is, to my taste, the carefully constructed compositions, where strong melodies are created in between the tempo changes and complex entwined arrangements.
The 22 minute The Mirror of Division can proudly stand side-by-side with historic songs from Yes and King Crimson, if not for the resemblance's (not quite) but for the epic feeling that it encapsulates in its complex and defining structure.
One beautiful and complete progressive ride, truly ingenious and well accomplished.

Nuno, Prognosis, 03/2002

Ein göttliches Album, welches versus X 1996 produziert haben, und ich wage zu behaupten, diese Scheibe dürfte in einigen Jahren Kultstatus besitzen.

Progressive Corner by Werner Wachtarczyk, 12/1999

Insgesamt betrachtet verdient dieses Meisterwerk, das vielleicht in keine Schublade passt, aber dennoch beim ersten Hördurchgang bereits einen Teil seiner Schönheit zu erschließen vermag, meine Hochachtung.

Michael Sturm im Nucleus Magazin, 1998

The pieces are thoughtfully developed, with their share of intricate rythms and musician interplay, mostly in the rock domain of prog. The developments, although well-thought are a bit on the heavy side regarding the atmosphere proposed here. This is to say that the listener must participate more and really get into the music for it to unveil its subtleties in time. Technically the musicianship is excellent and one can easily appreciate the working of these musicians towards a goal of bringing to life such explorations.

Expose (USA), 1997

Arne Schäfer entpuppt sich als exzellenter Sänger und der Verfasser dieser Zeilen weint bittere Tränen, weil es für solche Musik keine goldenen Schallplatten mehr gibt.

Website Renald Mienert, jetzt bei DURP

Those who hear this album will surely remember several classic progressive rock bands like Yes, Genesis and Marillion. Long Songs, a lot of Keyboards and the vocals extremely adequate to the style join a show of great harmonies and melodies.

Whiplash - Bazilian Metal Zine, 1999

Besonders beim furiosen Finale von 'In Silent Age' ist das Zusammenspiel von Gitarrist Schäfer und Keyboarder Nahm die eine oder andere Gänsehaut wert. Auch die diversen Reminiszenzen an Steve Hackett und Genesis in ihrer besten Ära erwecken Wehmut - ohne aber allzu nostalgisch oder plattes Plagiat zu sein.

Empire Magazin, No. 3, 1997

Bei diesem Album habe ich öfter das Gefühl, irgendwas Böses schaut mir über die Schulter...sonst schaffen das nur Hammill und Gabriel.

Carpe Diem, 1998

Un très bon album de progressif vintage 70'. Hautement recommandé!

Rock Style No. 22, 1998