The Turbulent Zone


Cutting the Veil (21:50)
Between the Phases of the Night (6:37)
Strange Attractor (13:29)
The Hostile Sea (15:27)

"The Turbulent Zone" ist die dritte und aktuelle CD von versus X.

Die Aufnahmen erfolgten im Winter 1999 und wurden im Frühjahr 2000 gemastert.

Die CD ist erhältlich über MUSEA als MUSEA FGBG 4338.AR.

Das Gemälde auf dem Cover stellte uns der Künstler Wolfram Bühler zur Verfügung. Für eine Kontakt-Aufnahme verwendet Ihr bitte die Adresse in dem Profil von Wolfram Bühler.

Arne Schäfer: Gesang, elektrische und akustische Gitarren
Ekkehard Nahm: Piano, Orgel, Synthesizer, Bass Pedal
Jörg Fischer: Bass Guitar
Uwe Völlmar: Drums, Percussion

Cutting the Veil

a) Changing Conditions

Our heroes seem pale and worn out these days
though we tried so hard to accommodate
to changing conditions - new values and times
we can't afford to fail

All major discoveries it seems have been made
established ideas are just optimised
by an army of workers whose skills are just wait
to be substituted by chips

The greatest of visions - the whole world to see -
are fallen to pieces and swept away
Now disillusion is spreading in minds
leaving a void of untenable kind

Ancient rules devaluated - now -
substituted by an omnipresent
scientific rationalism

- now -

cutting the veil

b) Laying Bare the Nerves

Laying bare the nerves within a moral scaffoldingonce
ensuring hold to the individualfragments of ancient
walls eroded and undermined by timesubstituted by
high-tech prostheses

Everyone on his own - in isolation
striving for social recognition

Tools are ruling minds - perfect but bare of meaning
do not participate in any interpretation
The ultimate state of mind - direction of social preference
obscured by ill-advanced individualism

c) On Fertile Ground

Subliminal currents of haunted minds
long time suppressed - now face the light
claiming the spaces still laying fallow - out of sight

On fertile ground now growing wild
the seeds relieved from chains of mind
some seem enlightened, others passing dangerous frontiers

- no safety net to catch
no self control to close the hatch
a game of free forces - maybe too late to turn the tide

Ever harder too weed out the thicket that's grown beyond control

In search for instant satisfaction - a short term fit mentality
providing obscure saviours and charlatans
a peak prosperity

d) The Gentle Coat of Night

Long grown social structures splinterforming a strange kaleidoscope
immediately commercialisedall long term trends nipped in the bud

Only in hidden and distant niches
granting unhindered ripening
time allows to crystallise
forms unseen in velvet light

Once covered by the gentle coat of night
now exposed to dazzling daylight
the sharpened knife desecrates the pure

now- cutting the veil

e) In Distant Niches


Between the Phases of the Night

In precious time I´m balancing along a virtual borderline

on neither single side of the world I may find my home
for all I want to be I need the key to all doors

I love to feel the twirling turbulences along the surface plain
entrenched in spirals of doom - between the phases of the night
a twinkling light hidden behind the mirror

Every twist of history still reveals its traces
every change of path leaves its mark on our course
every form of matter, energy, and mind
condensing from interfering vibration
bearing an encoded vision of the whole

Hand over hand I'm climbing through the abyss of decision calls
carrying on an endless research for those aesthetic crystal germs
emerging from spontaneous intuition

Every twist of history still reveals its traces
every change of path leaves its mark on our course
every form of matter, energy, and mind
condensing from interfering vibration
bearing an encoded vision of the whole

Strange Attractor

In silence I begin to wonder

Which kind of force creates this restlessness inside
Where do I want to go so fast and absolutely sure to be on my way ?

Do I really have to stress myself without external coercion
Like a rage - to find and chase
The urge to gain completion of a stage
To be released from the tightness of my cage
And finally turn the page - and then

To just begin again - to recognise the progress born within
I sense I am confronted with a strange and fascinating - dominating
Primary instinct beyond control
penetrates the spheres of heart and soul
To measure minds coherence to the whole

I try to reach out for more - I need to proceed to the core
Everything seems so clear - just missing one last idea
feeling the clearance being near

The more I approach the core - the more I feel the urge to soar
Mingling parts in mind - some pieces so hard to find
artefacts each one of a kind

Will something stable and lasting remain
When all time is gone and faded away
Will some kind of residual order survive
keeping an ancient spirit alive

I must proceed, must carry on, that's what I know for certain
Direction clearly specified but the focus is still blurred
A fog in constant motion - mysterious and challenging
The closer I approach - the more complex it becomes

I'm groping into the unknown and feel this thrilling shiver down my spine
Each time I'm crossing a turbulent zone
increasing the tension to a new baseline

The memory of this sentiment ever pulls me towards those regions
I feel the strange attractor that activates my brain
The knowledge of intensity within the twirling maelstrom
fuels my inspiration and carries me away

across the border - into the mirror world- a journey of all senses

To immerse into the ocean
Leaving behind the fail safe point
Go far beyond all comprehension
No standard left to be applied

Now - into the spaces - the power of mental force
beyond the chains of reason we'll be

out into the universal - timeless spirit - realise
the book of knowledge be re-written
and all our fortunes will be merging

The Hostile Sea

All through the sieve of time

chosen like crystal islands of
stability - waiting for rain to fall
dissolving all ingredients
mingling again

All by the secret code
all life is interwoven
twirling around - endlessly - by the sea
through the microcosmic veins
of the living world

Wait, there's something unclear
the point of origin seems so randomly determined
All deductions I can make
will just lead again to the ultimate starting point

Restricted by reception tools
incapable of looking further
All intuitive approach is fooled
no equivalent experience

The everlasting attempt to catch a glimpse of what's
behind the door, beneath the floor
The illusion of an understandability
of the inconceivable

Restricted by reception tools
incapable of looking further
All intuitive approach is fooled
no equivalent experience

A further step approaching eternity
cracking the foundation down beneath my feet
everything floats - I'm drifting on ice
cutting the rope - guarding the slope

It's the eternal fight
it's the eternal challenge
all of our time
struggling the entropy
populating niches left in an hostile sea